How to Increase Your YouTube Gaming Channel’s Subscribers

A YouTube channel with no subscribers is like a show with no viewers, and creating videos and receiving no subscribers can soon become discouraging. You must put yourself in their shoes to gain more subscribers. A subscriber is someone who appreciates your content so much that they want to be notified whenever you add new stuff to your channel. Because that’s a large compliment to pay someone, it’s understandable that not everyone who watches your films will join the subscriber club. However, there are a few things you can do to enhance your turnover and start gaining subscribers.

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You guessed it: providing new content to your channel regularly is the simplest strategy to gain more followers. The more videos you have out there in the sea of YouTube videos, the more likely someone will find your channel through one of them.

You should also establish a release timetable for your videos. People are much more likely to subscribe if they see you adding fresh stuff regularly rather than if they notice you haven’t published anything in a long time and when you do, it’s erratic.

Interact with the audience

Nothing fosters a sense of community like a content provider who interacts with and responds to their audience. If someone leaves a remark on your video, make sure to thank them. If a discussion on what was posted starts in the comments section, join in and add your two cents. Even if the comments aren’t pleasant, thank them for taking the time to read it and ask for constructive critique (unless they’re trolling, of course). Try finishing your video with a question to your viewers, such as what they think about something or an idea for your next video. Getting your viewers involved will go a long way toward developing a relationship with them that will have them coming back for more and spreading the word about you.

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Take a moment to look at other successful channels that are similar to yours. Once you’ve discovered a handful, write a pleasant message to introduce yourself and what you do on your channel. After that, you might recommend swapping places on one other’s featured lists. This will create a link from your channel to theirs and vice versa. This is a major decision for another YouTuber to make, so you might want to wait until you’ve built up a decent video library before approaching others. They will most likely approve your invitation if they realize you are devoted and producing video regularly, and your channel will acquire that much visibility.

Another significant advantage of exchanging featured spots with someone in your field is that you will be able to directly reach your target audience. If you made a Dead Space let’s play channel and swapped featured positions with a popular YouTube knitter, it’s unlikely that many of their followers would want to check out your channel.

Substitute Requests

It’s a fine line to walk between honestly encouraging people to subscribe to your channel and appearing desperate. There are a few various ways to invite viewers to subscribe to your video, all of which should be presented towards the end. Starting a video that is supposed to be entertaining/informative with a plea to subscribe to your channel is a poor way to start. Try to follow the Internet’s golden rule: never ask for something unless you’ve first given them something valuable (your video in this case).

After your primary material has finished, take the time to ask your viewers if they would consider subscribing to your channel if they appreciated your video.

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